Friday, 23 March 2012

Work out of the kiln / Gwaith allan o'r odin

I have been casting the shapes of the deconstructed jugs for a while now, and have a very exciting idea for my degree show, I'm not going to share just yet, but here are some of the works. I think that the light hitting the back of the work almost makes it look translucent, I'm very happy with these pieces and am currently experimenting with colour and decal designs.

Rwyf i wedi bod yn castio siapau y jwgiau wedi ei ail-siapio ers dipyn o amser erbyn hyn, ac wedi darganfod syniad diddorol ar gyfer fy sioe radd. Dydw i ddim am rannu'r syniad eto, ond dyma rhai o'r darnau o'r odin. Rwy'n credu bod y glau sy'n taro cefn y gwaith yn llwyddiannus iawn, ac yn gwneud y gwaith i edrych yn dryleu bron, rwy'n hapus iawn â'r darnau ac yn arbrofi â lliw a dyluniadau decals ar hyn o bryd.

I have also finished my artists statement, ready to apply for many residencies for next year so exciting times ahead! Here is the statement.

Rwyf i hefyd wedi gorffen fy natganiad artist, yn barod i drio am nifer o brofiadau preswyl yn y flwyddyn nesaf, felly amser cyffroes o fy mlaen! Dyma'r datganiad.

Viewers will ask, 'What's it about?' And the reply must be: this art is about nothing but itself. Marshall N. Price
I am inspired by the form of the classic jug from the 20th and 21st century. The modernist movement has been my point of reference. This is explored through the cohesive integration of form, drawing and surface pattern. I deconstruct my drawings and create my own interpretation of the abstract jug. It is the marriage of form and function that intrigues me and the distortion of the domestic object which is familiar yet foreign in form. I deconstruct the shape of them by folding the drawings and re-designing them through a layout pad. This is where they evolve into three dimensional objects. 

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