Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New developments

I've not written for AGES! I've been developing my new website with online shop that links to paypal. Have a look at, some feedback would be nice too if you have the time! I wanted to create a website that would have all the separate information clear and easy to find.

I've just started a new job at Re-Create, Cardiff and Vale Play Services Association in Ely. My position is Merchandiser and Resource Assistant and my role is the day-to-day running of the scrap store and ensuring cleanliness and organization throughout I also answers any queries regarding Re-Create's hire equipment and arts & crafts. I'm enjoying my new job so far, learning a lot about different aspects of running a shop every day, and the hours are great as I'm able to carry on making on my days off. 

Since my last blog update I've fired my new kiln twice, (both successfully!) It's a great little kiln and finishes within 6 hours which is great. I've been working on a tea set, which I now have 5 cups and saucers. I only need to make a teapot and we're rocking! I'm enjoying my making at the moment and have found my rhythm in making.

Over Christmas I exhibited in the Aberystwyth Christmas Craft Fair, which was great for people to see my work, and feel as if I've gained a lot from this experience. I'm hoping of exhibiting in a few exhibitions again this year. I will be blogging more often, although it was meant to be a New Year's Resolution! 

Here is an image of my glazed cups from the last firing.

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