Sunday, 21 April 2013

Current proposal and exhibitions

I have been a busy factory the past few months, getting stock ready for an exhibition at the Contemporary Craft Festival in Bovey Tracey, Devon in June. I've been creating new pieces that will link together to form a tea set. As you've seen my cups and saucers previously, I won't go into too mucn detail about these. They are the same concept as my degree show proposal. Here they are:

I'm really excited to exhibit at the Craft Fair as I have volunteered many times for a simliar craft fair in Newport, I love the atmosphere and the quirky, original designs of different artists. I will be in the One Year On section with other graduates and I'm looking forward to displaying my work professionally.
I've been making a teapot as a centre piece to my body of work. It was a good test of what I have learnt in Univeristy as the mold had many undercuts and became a seven part mold! Here is one of them before being bisque fired:
I've also been working on a milk jug to go with the set, which I've freshly cast today for the first time! It's so great to see my work developing and soon I will be able to say that I have a full teaset! Here is the milk jug that I have also been working on:

My work is currently at The Counting House in Porthgain with my Sterling Silver and Porcelain Hand-Made Jewellery amongst other artists. If your around the area, go and have a look!
I was lucky enough to be asked to talk at MOMA Wales in Machynlleth at the beginning of April. I went through my journey from school, to foundation, to university and the many various projects I had to my current work. It was lovely to present my work in my hometown, slightly nerve-racking but I enjoyed explaining my processes and how my mind works through inspiration from other artists from different artistic movements, from Cubism to Deconstructivists and the Constructivists.
My kiln has been amazing, and it was such a great buy off ebay! I fire every other day nearly now, and it's so easy as the kiln sitter automatically turns the kiln off when it hits the right temperature.
I have a few things in the pipe line ideas wise, as I want to create similar jewellery pieces to my 3d objects as I don't think my hobby jewellery compliments my ceramic pieces. I look forward to seeing how this works. I also need to create a display for my exhibition in Devon, I have so many different ideas for it, but I'm constrained due to the fact that everything must fit into my car, so it will have to be a clever design! I've been creating new sketches that I wanted to use as transfers for my pieces, but I can't decide whether I want to leave the pieces white or whether the transfers will add to the work. I have tested one piece, but I find it difficult as I can't really see how effective it is without using transfers on all of my work! I'll leave you with a sketch of my teapot:
Eluned Glyn.

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