Wednesday, 7 May 2014

New opportunities and exciting news!

New opportunities and Craft Fairs!

I've been busy these past few weeks working on applications for many different fairs around the UK. I can now reveal that I have been selected for :

  • Tafwyl Welsh Festival, 12th of July 

  • The Cornwall Design Fair in Penzance between the 15-17th August.
  • Made by Hand, City Hall Cardiff. 31st of October until the 2nd of November. 
  • Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, Manchester 9th - 12th of October.  
  • Hereford Contemporary Craft Fair, Hereford November 14th - 16th!

  • Ceramics in the City 2014, Geffrye Museum in London - 18th September - 21st September.

I'm so excited for all of these various fairs and am looking forward to selling my work around the UK. I am hoping to create new work for these fairs, working on a more functional mug type in the same style as previous work and also continuing with my terracotta work as a contrast to the other white pieces. I've also been shortlisted for the Young Artist Award at the National Eisteddfod so I'm waiting to hear back.


New ideas and presentation of my work

I also hope to change my stall compared to my last fair in Bovey Tracey. I want the work on portraying the old fashioned Victorian era from which the inspiration to the work is based. I have a design that I would like to work on, but I'm not sure if the changes will compliment my work. 

This is the presentation I have been working on for my work. 

These are the Flower Vase that I previously showed on the last blog but was only the master copy. Since then I have cast roughly 15 of the white pieces, and only 1 of the terracotta due to problems with the mold. I am now on my third attempt at a 6 part mold which has been quite frustrating but I have learnt a lot during the process of casting a piece so big. Due to the colour of the terracotta I would not be able to cast any more white pieces without the staining of the plaster coming through to the pieces this is why I have continued to make a new mold of the same piece. I hope that the final mold of this piece will be completed without any more issues!


Visiting Galleries around Europe

So in February I visited Barcelona where I went to many different galleries and museums including The Picasso Museum, The Miro Museum,
Museu d'Historia de Catalunya and the MACBA Museum of Modern Art. It was a great holiday and I enjoyed sketching the architecture and art works of other artists that have inspired me through my university years and throughout my life.

So it sounds as if I've been jet-setting all over Europe but I have also just come back from Perpignan with my family over the Easter break. I was desperate to visit the Salvador Dali Museum as I'd been there as a child but didn't remember much so it was great to re-visit.

A view on the way to Collioure along the coast. 


Card Making and Designs

Here are some designs I have been working on for Gift / Birthday Cards. I ordered them originally as a nice touch for my family but once they had seen them they wanted to buy some packs from me! I have been sketching for most of my life so it's such a compliment that people would like to buy these drawings on cards. I would like to think that when I am to show my work at various Craft Fairs that these cards can be a gift of a lower cost. I would love to sell them in various welsh gift shops in and around Wales. 


Some more opportunities:

I've been asked again this year if my work would like to appear on the S4C programme 'Cegin Bryn' (Bryn's Kitchen) for the next series. This is a cookery programme with Bryn Williams through the medium of Welsh. Bryn Williams has had success on the Great British Menu on the BBC and now owns and runs Odette's in Primrose Hill, London.

I will be selling my work at the Parliment House / Senedd-dy Owain Glyndwr over the Summer with other local artists in Machynlleth. I'm always so happy to sell my work in my hometown, which will be running all through the summer holidays.

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