Monday, 27 October 2014


So I haven't wrote for a while, and I've been busy preparing work for a very busy last 6 months of this current year, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I've been working on new pieces for various shows, including new cards with my own original designs that have been selling very well. Here are some of the designs, they are £2.20 each and are blank on the inside for your own message. The cards are made on high quality paper that makes for a long lasting beautiful finish.

I have also been working on some new ceramic pieces that have a gold lustred addition. I have struggled previously as lustre is so difficult to get right, as there are so many things that can go wrong. I used to paint it on too thick then too thin, but I think I have managed to get the application just right as the gold is beautiful!

While working on new cards, and a new collection of gold lustred ceramics I have also been changing my display of jewellery, so they are now in neat little boxes, which are easy to post, and are a bit safer with regards to the ceramic cracking or breaking in transit.


From my previous post, I have finally managed to cast the wall piece that I've been working on. I've really struggled with the making of the mould, as the piece is a flat two part mould, the air bubbles would get stuck in between the two parts. I spoke to a friend, and he suggested press molding the piece, as the piece would be against the wall, the rough part would not show anyway. I tried this, and so far they seem to be working! Yay! Here's a picture of the work.

The only thing is, I have made them too big to fit in my kiln in the studio, so I will have to try and get them fired elsewhere. Let's hope that I will manage to fire them, as I feel it's a different avenue to venture into.

 In August I took part in the Cornwall Design Fair in Penzance. It was a great fair with many incredible makers and I had the opportunity to get to know makers from the South West that worked in Glass and Precious Metals. 

I have just returned from the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester over the weekend, and what a great fair it was! I loved meeting new makers and talking about my work. I had a bit of a struggle getting up to Manchester due to an accident and didn't arrive until 5.55pm and the opening was at 6! I managed to set up quickly and the rest of the Fair went well with no problems. Here's an image of my stand at the Great Northern.

I also took part in a Fair in London called Ceramics in the City in the Geffrye Museum in Hoxton. It was great to exhibit along side many artists that I researched at university.

There was a lot of interest in my work from various galleries, and I have just started stocking with a boutique in London called Bermondsey Fayre that is close to the Textile and Fashion museum and the White Cube gallery. Here they are at the Boutique:

I am also taking work up to Caernarfon in North Wales for an exhibition over the Christmas period in Y Galeri.


I'm currently running a challenge on Instagram to sketch every day for 100 days. I'm really enjoying the challenge and feel as if it benefits my practice and the interest in my work is increasing. Here are a few examples of the 3-5 minute sketches.

I've been selling my work at the Parliment House in Machynlleth, and their new coffee and gift shop 'Siop Alys' with new personalized Sterling Silver and Porcelain jewellery. These are also some new jewellery pieces that I have been working on, they are made from a silicon mold then high fired to 1280 degrees celcius.

During the next few weeks I will be exhibiting work at Made by Hand, City Hall, Cardiff from the 31st of October - 2nd of November, then I will be travelling to Leicester to exhibit at the UK Young Artist Award for the next weekend, the Friday the 7th of November - 9th of November. Then exhibiting at the Hereford Contemporary Craft Fair from the 14th- 16th of November, so it's going to be a busy few weeks before taking part in the Cardiff Arts Collective Christmas Fairs in December. 


My work has gone through a selection process to be selected by The Makers Guild in Wales, and I'm chuffed to say that my work will feature in Craft in the Bay from the 28th of November!! I can't wait to be featured at the Members Showcase for two months from December to January!
Pictures to come! 

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