Monday, 28 May 2012

Minimus Maximus

For my final show plan I wanted the idea of excess and grandeur to be evident. How, although I've looked at minimalistic and modernist ideal for my contextual research, the contrast between this and this collective piece that reflects upon the title 'Minimus Maximus' and how modernism and post modernism has inspired me. As Robert Ventun and Mies van der Rohe both famously argued, 'Less is more,' 'Less is a bore.'

I believe that both movements have inspired me. Another inspiration is the ceramic galleries in the Victoria & Albert in London, how vessels and forms are shown together even if they're from different periods and made in different countries. The pieces that I have bought are re-born to create new forms where the idea of history rubbing against each other and connecting.

I wanted the illusion of height and mass due to the amount of pieces on the shelves. I wanted the collection to look as if every different piece was a different design. Although the work is on shelving, it's possible to see the forms at a 360 degree as the same forms are showing but at different angles. I wanted to fill the shelves with the vessels and create as much as possible with hints or highlighted editions in the deep green glaze to accentuate the form and design.

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